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Osun Amotekun: 2 Boys Arrested for Stealing Food, Money

Osun Amotekun: 2 Boys Arrested for Stealing Food, Money

The Amotekun Corps chapter in Osun State has announced the arrest of two minors who are accused of breaking into a store in Osogbo and stealing food goods and some cash.

The state’s Amotekun Commander retired Brig.-Gen. Bashir Adewinmbi informed reporters of this on Tuesday.

The boys, who are 13 and 11 years old, according to Adewinmbi, broke into a store in Asubiaro, Osogbo, early on Saturday morning and took cash, recharge cards, noodles, and drinks.


He stated that following the incident was reported to the Amotekun Osogbo Command by the business owner, the suspects were later detained that day at approximately 6.24 pm in an unfinished structure.

The Commander described how the pair were apprehended at their hiding place after our operatives received information about their whereabouts.

The suspects admitted to carrying out the crime while being questioned, according to Adewinmbi, who added that they were found with part of the stolen goods still in their possession.

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He said that the boys’ parents, who had come to request their release, had pleaded with the shop owner and agreed to pay for the loss of the things as well as any damages.

The Amotekun commander further stated that following a settlement with the business owner, the suspects had been returned to their parents.

He then recommended parents to make an effort to raise their kids in a morally upright manner, keep an eye on their activities, and always be concerned about the kind of friends or company they keep.

He asked parents to exercise the same level of caution in monitoring their kids’ whereabouts and movements.


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