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Over a bill to stop their migration, resident doctors have threatened to strike.

Over a bill to stop their migration, resident doctors have threatened to strike.

Any effort by the Federal Government or any of its agencies to enslave Nigerian doctors will be rejected, according to the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors.

Resident Doctors

This was stated by the association in a statement following the conclusion of the emergency prolonged National Officers Committee meeting that was virtually held on Friday.

The NARD President, Dr. Emeka Orji, its Secretary-General, Dr. Kelechi Chikezie, and its Publicity and Social Secretary, Dr. Umar Musa, all signed the statement that was made accessible to The PUNCH on Monday.

The House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill in the second reading that would delay granting full licenses to medical and dental professionals with training in Nigeria until after they have worked there for at least five years.

The work of Ganiyu Johnson aims to stop the exodus of medical professionals from the nation.

The extended NOC cautions the Federal House of Representatives that the objectionable law as supported by Ganiyu Johnson is a clear definition of contemporary slavery and is not in line with anything civil, and should therefore be discarded at this moment, according to NARD’s communication.

But, the House agreed with him that the current threat of brain drain in the health sector poses real hazards, and it made a commitment to work with the government to halt the trend once it was ready to do so.

“The extended NOC reiterates that the association will resolutely and violently oppose any attempt by the government or any of her agencies to enslave Nigerian medical personnel under whatever pretext.”

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Also, NARD asked the FG to move quickly to pay the 2023 Medical Residency Training Fund in accordance with the agreements reached by the stakeholders assembled by the Federal Ministry of Health.

It further stated that any attempts to act differently will simply cause the health industry to experience additional unfavorable crises.

Additionally, it urged the Federal Ministry of Health and the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria to evaluate and enhance the postgraduate colleges’ membership certificates as they currently stand.


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