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PDP’S Intention if Atiku Had Won? Fayose

PDP’S Intention if Atiku Had Won? Fayose
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After losing a national election, the PDP National Working Committee should be very somber and contemplative, he said.

This claim was made by Fayose on Friday in a statement posted to his verified Twitter account.

Imagine what they would have done if Atiku had won, he exclaimed. These would have been political abominations. Should we be thankful that Atiku failed?

PDP intention if they had won the President Election

As it stands, the party can at least pick up the pieces and face tomorrow as we say goodbye to Ayu.

“Consider this…

Imagine the PDP National Working Committee, which ought to be very somber and introspective after losing a national election, going after leaders they deemed to be their adversaries and suspending them from the party, including a governor who is currently in office.


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