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Peter Obi explains how Wike hindered his efforts in Rivers

Peter Obi explains how Wike hindered his efforts in Rivers
Peter Obi
Peter Obi Labour Party presidential candidate has described how Rivers state governor Nyesom Wike competed against him in the state’s presidential election on February 25.

Peter Obi stated this while speaking on Arise TV’s The Morning Show on Monday.

The former governor of Anambra State made the declaration on Monday while appearing on the Morning Show program on Arise Television.

According to Peter Obi, those who supported him did not do so based on race because they were aware of his political beliefs. He continued by saying that he received more votes from Lagos natives than from so-called “visitors.”

He claimed that during the presidential election on February 25, individuals from many ethnic backgrounds around the nation supported him.

“Some claimed that Igbos were the reason why I won in Lagos. Lagos has how many Igbo residents? Native Lagos residents voted for me in greater numbers than so-called tourists. Are the Igbos the ones who supported me in Abuja, Nasarawa, and Plateau? If the genuine votes in Rivers were counted, where you know the governor came out against me in everything, I would have won more than 50% of the state, Peter Obi remarked.

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Recall that Wike recently asserted that Obi was still the election’s hero and that if the LP’s front-runner hadn’t run, the North would have continued to hold power.

Despite Obi not being declared the winner, Wike claimed in a town hall speech to Igbo traders on Saturday in Port Harcourt, the state capital, that Obi’s election participation ensured a southerner will become the next president.

The governor claimed that the People’s Democratic Party would have won the states where Obi scored victories, maintaining its hold on power in the North.

Obi is my hero in this race, as far as I’m concerned, he declared. Power would have remained in the North if he hadn’t challenged.

After receiving 231,591 votes from the state’s 23 local government areas, the All Progressives Congress candidate Bola Tinubu was declared the winner in Rivers.

The Labour Party won five local government areas, the APC won 14, and the PDP took four.

According to the final results, the APC received 231 591 votes, while the Labour Party received 175 71 and the PDP received 88 468 votes, placing them second and third, respectively, according to the state collation officer, Prof. Charles Adias.


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