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Plateau’s New Plan to Fight Insecurity: Vigilante Hunting

Plateau’s New Plan to Fight Insecurity: Vigilante Hunting

Caleb Mutfwang, the candidate for governor of Plateau State, has pledged to add vigilante groups and local hunters to the state’s peace and security structure to help combat insecurity.


The relationship between herders and indigenous people was only one facet of the situation in Plateau, he said, adding that it has occasionally been taken out of context for various reasons despite his pledge to forge links of togetherness.

 When a group of peace activists led by Rev. Dr. Gideon Para-Mallam, President and CEO of the Para-Mallam Peace Foundation, paid the departing British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, a farewell courtesy visit in Abuja, Mutfwang made these remarks. The parties discussed a partnership to support the peacebuilding initiatives and reconciliation in Nigeria.

Since their cooperation began in July 2019, the Peace Foundation and the British High Commission have collaborated on a number of grassroots peace interventions, which Para-Mallam highlighted during the visit. These interventions have taken place in different states of Nigeria.

Laing acknowledged her satisfaction with some of the report’s findings and its implications for the influence of different community stakeholders in several States.

In her farewell remarks, she expressed her sincere gratitude for the delegation’s makeup, which, in her words, offered a promise for future peace-building efforts and reconciliation in Plateau State and Nigeria.

After the farewell/courtesy visit, Mutfwang said, “One part of the Plateau conflict that is occasionally blown out of context for various reasons is the interaction between herders and indigenous people. I firmly believe that the Plateau’s residents have enjoyed prosperous lives in the past, and we will work to maintain this historical fact.

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“Again, moving forward, we’re going to ensure that the people take ownership of the security processes or architecture by ensuring that from the grassroots, we build structures for peace, right from the grassroots between communities among communities, and make sure that they themselves begin to trust themselves, and gradually all the potential conflict areas will be eliminated,” the speaker said.

“Of course, if you’re looking for details about the types of deployments we’ll make, we’ll make sure that the vigilantes and hunters and all of the security infrastructure on the ground right now are successfully mobilized and mainstreamed into the deployments we’ll make security architecture,”

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He claimed that the Plateau people’s election victory for governor was a result of their credible performance.

“These Plateau people did miracles, they voted and supported their votes,” stated Mutfwang. We are here today for that reason. God will be on our side, and we will win. I think the plateau people are peaceful folks. I am aware that in the past, people have abused these tense times.

“Yet, I observe certain people who are prepared to change their story. I hear people saying “Enough is enough,” so we’re going to capitalize on that and forge connections of unity. We’re going to set an example and demonstrate our good intentions.

“Justice, equity, and fairness are the guiding principles by which we will run our government. And I have faith that once people realize our sincerity, they will come and work with us to create a new Plateau.


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