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Police Investigate Killing of 2 Cops.

Police Investigate Killing of 2 Cops.
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The State Police Public Relations Officer, Daniel Ndukwe, revealed this while confirming the deaths of the two police officers working in the Uwani Police Division of the State Command. He said the officers were conducting routine stop-and-search operations in the area at around 11.30 am when they were attacked by the armed thugs.

“Many of the hoodlums escaped with varying degrees of fatal gunshot injuries in the ensuing gun duel, while two of the Operatives, who sustained severe gunshot injuries, were moved to the hospital, where they were confirmed dead and their corpses deposited in the mortuary for preservation,” Ndukwe said of the gunmen, who were present in large numbers and driving SUVs.

“As a result, the miscreants abandoned the black Mercedes Benz ML 350 4Matic Jeep they had been using for the operation at Enugu/Port-Harcourt Road, Enugu after a manhunt for the attackers was immediately launched. The blood-stained and gunshot-damaged vehicle has been found.

The recovery of the vehicle and the signs of its recovery, according to a police spokesperson, supported early evidence that “at least two of the hoodlums were neutralized.”


Ndukwe stated that Ahmed Ammani, the State Commissioner of Police, has directed the Tactical/Operational Operatives of the Command to continue the ongoing manhunt operation and has issued a warning that anything less than finding the attackers and bringing them to justice would not be tolerated as compensation for the unfortunate loss of the two Operatives.

The CP, he continued, has urged State residents and members of the general public to provide the Command with useful information that would facilitate the quick arrest of the suspects. He has also urged them, and owners of medical facilities in particular, to notify the Police of any person or persons, dead or alive, who are observed to have gunshot wounds.

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According to Ndukwe, a deputy superintendent of police, who provided details about the attack, “Operators serving in Uwani Police Division were attacked by armed hoodlums in their numbers operating in SUVs who suddenly opened fire on them Sunday, March 26, 2023 at about 11.30 am while they were on routine stop and search duty at Osadebe Street, along Campus Gate Road, by Kenyatta Market Enugu.

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In the ensuing gunfight, many of the hoodlums managed to flee with fatal bullet wounds of varied degrees, while two of the operatives were transported to the hospital with severe gunshot wounds. There, their deaths were confirmed, and their bodies were placed in the mortuary for preservation.

The miscreants abandoned the black Mercedes Benz ML 350 4Matic Jeep they utilized for the operation at Enugu/Port-Harcourt Road, Enugu, as a result of the manhunt for the attackers, which was immediately launched.

“The blood-stained and gunshot-damaged vehicle has been found. The discovery of the truck and the traces of its recovery support early research, which contends that at least two of the criminals were put down.

Ndukwe stated that CP Ammani had instructed the Command’s tactical and operational operators to continue the ongoing manhunt operation.

Anything short of bringing the attackers to justice to make up for the tragic loss of the two operatives, he said, would not be tolerated.


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