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Police Investigate Liverpool Bus Attack After Man City Match

Police Investigate Liverpool Bus Attack After Man City Match

An inquiry into the claims that Liverpool’s team bus was dented following the team’s English Premier League match versus Manchester City has been opened by Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

British Police Manchester City

According to CNN, the incident was reportedly said to have occurred on Saturday afternoon close to the Etihad Stadium, where the game was played.

The Liverpool Club coaches were able to continue their journey because there were no reports of any injuries. The Greater Manchester Police have now opened an investigation to find and apprehend the culprits, according to the statement.

The event was called “absolutely unacceptable,” and Manchester City, which won the game 4-1 to keep its prospects of winning the league crown three times in a row, said it will “completely support” the probe.

On April 1, 2023, in Manchester, England, Jack Grealish of Manchester City celebrated after scoring the team’s fourth goal during the Premier League game between Manchester City and Liverpool FC at Etihad Stadium.

The statement read, “We understand an object was thrown toward the coach in a residential area.

“Incidents of this nature are completely unacceptable, and we vehemently condemn the behavior of the person or persons responsible.”

The yelling directed against Liverpool supporters throughout the game was addressed by Manchester City as well.

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According to several British media outlets, the chants were in allusion to the 1989 Hillsborough stadium tragedy, which claimed the lives of 97 Liverpool fans.

We regret any offense these chants may have caused, and we’ll keep working with fan organizations and representatives from both teams to stop hateful screaming at this game, City added.

The Premier League condemned the chants heard during today’s match between Manchester City and Liverpool in a statement. The League is giving the problem of tragedy chanting top priority and urgent attention.

Because to their competition for the league championship, the two English teams’ rivalry has become more intense in recent years. In the title race from the previous season, City beat Liverpool by one point.

The management of the two clubs jointly demanded an end to this shouting before Manchester United’s league match against Liverpool last month.

The Football Association, the governing body of English football, declared that it strongly denounced such shouts.

A FA spokeswoman told CNN, “We are particularly worried about the growth of disgusting chants in stadiums that are connected to the Hillsborough tragedy and other football-related disasters.

Liverpool Bus

We vehemently oppose this behavior since these shouts are extremely insulting and disturbing to the families, friends, and communities affected by these tragic incidents.

“We back clubs and supporters who work to eradicate this kind of conduct from our game. We also encourage the outstanding work being done by the survivor organizations in interacting with football stakeholders to inform the public about the negative and enduring consequences that these horrible chants can have.


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