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Post-Election Violence: Ogun State PDP Members Under Attack

Post-Election Violence: Ogun State PDP Members Under Attack

In some areas of Ogun State, a post-election crisis has arisen after hoodlums are accused of attacking PDP members and a palace.


The nine-day assaults took place in the state’s Ikenne, Remo North, and Sagamu Local Government Areas. Many people were reportedly hurt during the attacks between March 19 and March 28, and millions of naira worth of property were apparently looted.

Ayodele Olapeju, a PDP candidate for the House of Assembly from the Sagamu 2 district, as well as PDP members Abela Kunle and Ayo Masaun, were among those who were attacked. A petition was written to the Assistant Inspector General of Police at the Nigeria Police Force Zone 2 Headquarters in Onikan, Lagos. 
 I am following an attack on the Odemo of the Isara community’s palace.

James Adewale signed the petition, which also included copies for Frank Mba, the commissioner of police in Ogun State, and asked for police protection to avert future lawlessness.


The petition outlined a series of occurrences that took place prior to, during, and following the election. These incidents included a bunch of thugs physically assaulting the PDP candidate, vote boxes being stolen and destroyed, and people being harassed by those who led the thugs to disturb the town’s quiet while seeming to be celebrating victory.

In addition, the petition claimed that the thugs harassed okada riders, brandished firearms, machetes, and other weapons in broad daylight, went to the palace of the Oba of Isara (Odemo), and intermittently opened fire there. A number of people had their homes forcibly opened, while other people received threatening phone calls telling them to leave the town and never come back.


The petition stated: “We demand the quick arrest and punishment of the people who were alleged to have been wreaking havoc, robbing, setting fire to people’s homes, and shooting people and property in the town as they are proven members of secret cults.”

The petition further claimed that things got out of hand to the extent that Hon. Solomon Osho, the current representative of Remo North State Constituency in the Ogun State House of Assembly, narrowly evaded being slain following repeated attempts on his life.


Ayodele Olapeju, a PDP House of Assembly candidate for Sagamu Constituency 2, claimed in a press conference that he narrowly survived an attempted murder in the early hours of March 28.

He claims that between 2:30 am and 3:45 am, gunmen supporting the APC attacked him at his home in Sagamu’s Ewuga neighborhood.

He asserted that the attackers had weapons and charms and that his gateman had been restrained. 


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