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Southern Kaduna Attack: 33 Killed, Over 40 Houses Burned

Southern Kaduna Attack: 33 Killed, Over 40 Houses Burned

The death toll from the attack on Runji village in Kaduna State on Saturday night has grown to 33.


The chairman of the Zangon Kataf Local Government Council, Francis Sani.

On Sunday, he said that the attackers fully burned down over 40 houses in the community and that seven people were injured and are currently being treated in the hospital.

Francis Sani, chairman of the 5th council, made the announcement yesterday, adding that the assailants set fire to around 40 houses and injured seven people who are being treated at a hospital.

This came as the 33 victims of the attack were given a mass burial in front of families and community members who had arrived to attend the funeral service.

Residents urged security services and the government to put an end to the lingering instability in Kaduna’s southern region before it is fully eradicated.

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According to reports, the gunmen stormed the neighborhood at 10 p.m. on Saturday and opened fire on the locals, the majority of whom were sleeping.

Some of the victims were allegedly burned alive as the bandits set fire to buildings.
Samuel Ache, president of the Atyap Community Development Association, confirmed the occurrence.

The vigilantes in the village reportedly attempted to engage the attackers, but they were restrained.

Following that, the military task group was alleged to have intervened and repelled the bandits.

Samuel Aruwan, the State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, spoke about the incident yesterday but did not provide a casualty figure.

“Many lives were lost, and an undefined number of dwellings were destroyed,” Aruwan said. The military has alerted the Kaduna State administration of an attack in Runji village, Zangon Kataf LGA, on Saturday night that claimed numerous fatalities.

Kaduna Attack

“The preliminary assessment also notified the authorities that the attack harmed some inhabitants and burned down an undefined number of residences in the hamlet.” According to the report, forces engaged in a violent battle with the attackers and are still in the area.

“Although awaiting a full report, Governor Nasir el-Rufai, who received the preliminary report early yesterday, condemned the killings as reprehensible and indefensible.”

“The governor expressed condolences to the families who had lost loved ones and prayed for the repose of the victims’ souls.” He also prayed for the injured to heal quickly.”

He stated that the Kaduna State administration will inform the people as soon as full reports from security agencies were received.
LGA of Zangon Kataf, located in southern Kaduna, has been subjected to a barrage of bandit raids in recent months.

Eight people were slain a few days ago when gunmen assaulted the Atak’Njei hamlet in the LGA.

When 17 people were slain, the Zangon Kataf council enacted a 24-hour curfew in March.


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