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Tension in Imo as Residents Flee Over Killing of 8 Soldiers: Attackers Were in Security Uniform

Tension in Imo as Residents Flee Over Killing of 8 Soldiers: Attackers Were in Security Uniform


In the heartland of Nigeria, Imo state, a cloud of tension hangs heavy in the air. Residents of Umuezeala Owerre, a peaceful community in the Ehime Mbano Council area, find themselves living under a shadow of fear and uncertainty. The reason? The shocking and brutal killing of about eight security officers, who were not only guardians of peace but also protectors of the community.

The Unfolding Tragedy

On that fateful day, chaos descended upon Umuezeala Owerre when unidentified gunmen, ominously dressed in security uniforms, launched a ruthless attack. This sinister act of violence claimed the lives of security officers hailing from various agencies, including the Army, Police, and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). The aftermath left the community reeling in shock and anguish.

The Ominous Silence

In the aftermath of this tragedy, a veil of silence descended upon the community. Fear gripped the hearts of its residents, as they grappled with the grim realization that those responsible for the violence might still be lurking in their midst. It was a chilling thought that left parents worried about the safety of their children, as schools remained deserted, and the streets empty.

A Community in Disarray

The once vibrant and bustling Umuezeala Owerre now wears a somber and desolate look. Roads that were once filled with the hustle and bustle of daily life are now scantily traversed, as the people move about cautiously, eyes darting nervously in all directions. The echoes of the recent tragedy reverberate through the community, casting a long, foreboding shadow over their daily lives.

The Elderly’s Dilemma

For the elderly residents, the trauma of past experiences resurfaces with each new threat to their peace. One elderly man, who runs a shop in Oriagu, made the painful decision to remain indoors. He remembered all too well the reprisal attacks that often followed such incidents, and he could not bear to take any chances with his safety. He had also urged his family to leave the area temporarily, hoping that the situation would improve in a week’s time.

The Alarming Deception

A young man from the affected community, who wished to remain anonymous, shared a shocking revelation. He claimed that the gunmen responsible for the attack were cunningly disguised in security uniforms. To the unsuspecting eye, they appeared as legitimate security officers, complete with weapons and ammunition. This deception only adds to the growing unease in the area, as residents grapple with the realization that trust has become a rare commodity.

The Politician’s Challenge

In the midst of this turmoil, Senator Athan Achonu, the 2023 Governorship candidate of the Labour Party, has raised a pertinent question. He challenges Governor Hope Uzodimma’s government to account for the nine armored personnel vehicles that he had personally repaired to enhance security in Imo. Out of these vehicles, five were intended for deployment in Imo North Senatorial Zone, precisely where the recent tragic incident occurred.

A Cry for Accountability

Senator Achonu’s reason for investing in these armored vehicles was to bolster the safety of security officers during their high-risk operations. He expresses deep concern over their absence and calls upon the state government to deploy them promptly for the protection of security personnel. His inquiry raises critical questions about the accountability of the government and the need for transparency in the use of resources allocated to security.

A Plea for Intervention

Senator Samuel Anyanwu, the 2023 Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), echoes the sentiments of his political counterpart. He laments the deteriorating security situation in Imo state, which has transformed the region into a theater of war and bloodshed. He calls upon the federal government to intervene urgently, emphasizing the need for a swift resolution to the insecurity crisis.

A Glimmer of Hope


As we report this unfolding tragedy, security agencies and the Imo state government are engaged in high-level meetings to devise strategies for improving security in the state. The people of Imo yearn for a return to normalcy, where they can go about their daily lives without the looming specter of violence.

In conclusion, the tragic events in Umuezeala Owerre have cast a dark shadow over Imo state. The loss of brave security officers and the pervasive fear in the community are stark reminders of the urgent need for effective security measures. The people of Imo, along with concerned political leaders, hope for a swift resolution to the current crisis and a return to peace and stability.


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