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Terrorism war: We assist Police, Army, others – Hunters, Forest Security Service boss

Terrorism war: We assist Police, Army, others – Hunters, Forest Security Service boss

The Nigerian Hunters and Forest Security Service (NHFSS): Strengthening National Security through Collaborative Efforts

In the ongoing battle against bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, and various other criminal activities plaguing the nation, the Nigerian Hunters and Forest Security Service (NHFSS) has emerged as a critical force working in synergy with the Police, Army, and other security agencies. This collaborative approach, spearheaded by the Commandant General of NHFSS, Ambassador Joshua Wale Osatimehi, is paving the way for significant victories against criminal elements. This article delves deep into the role played by NHFSS and how its contributions are shaping the landscape of security in the country.

A Synergistic Approach to Crime Prevention

The Commandant General of NHFSS, Ambassador Joshua Wale Osatimehi, emphasized the pivotal role his organization plays in combating criminal activities across Nigeria. During a recent visit to the NHFSS zonal office in Anambra state, Ambassador Osatimehi highlighted the multifaceted efforts of NHFSS in tackling crime. Notably, the organization focuses on intelligence gathering, collaboration with law enforcement agencies, and direct intervention to flush out criminals from forests and bushes.

Intelligence Sharing and Operational Collaborations

One of the key strengths of NHFSS lies in its ability to gather and share crucial intelligence with various security agencies. This proactive approach aids in preventing criminal activities before they escalate. Moreover, NHFSS officers, skilled in the art of tracking and combat, join hands with the Police and other entities to conduct joint operations. This collaboration enhances the efficiency of operations and ensures a comprehensive crackdown on crime.

Gallantry and Bravery in the War Against Criminal Elements

Ambassador Osatimehi proudly asserted that hunters have demonstrated their gallantry and bravery on the frontline of the war against criminal elements. These dedicated individuals have not only engaged in confronting criminals but have also saved kidnap victims and recovered stolen items hidden in forests by miscreants. This undeniable commitment showcases their indispensable contribution to national security.

Endorsement by the National Assembly and Presidential Assent

The endorsement of NHFSS by the National Assembly and the awaiting presidential assent signifies a crucial step towards institutionalizing the organization’s efforts. The legal framework underpinning NHFSS’s operations is gaining traction, with the bill having undergone readings in the National Assembly. Ambassador Osatimehi’s emphasis on the bill’s endorsement from the President underlines its imminent importance in strengthening the organization’s endeavors.

Ownership of the Forests: Hunters’ Perspective

A notable aspect highlighted by Ambassador Osatimehi is the assertion that hunters are the legitimate custodians of the forests, not criminal gangs. This shift in perspective challenges the conventional notions of who truly belongs in the forests. By acknowledging the role of hunters in forest security, NHFSS is setting the stage for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to safeguarding these natural resources.

Success Stories and Logistic Support

The success stories of NHFSS resonate across Nigeria, underscoring their effectiveness in curbing criminal activities. Despite these accomplishments, the Commandant General stressed the need for continued support, including operational vehicles and motorcycles. Such logistical support is paramount in enabling NHFSS to effectively chase down criminals, contributing to safer communities nationwide.

The Crucial Need for Presidential Endorsement

The legal framework supporting NHFSS is on the cusp of becoming reality, pending presidential endorsement. This endorsement would not only validate NHFSS’s efforts but also empower the organization to collaborate more extensively with other constituted authorities. The comprehensive bill, which has passed through multiple readings in the National Assembly, signifies the collective determination to establish a formidable force against crime.

Traditional Rulers’ Endorsement and Community Support

The support of traditional rulers, exemplified by His Royal Highness Igwe George Ekwealor, underscores the historical significance of hunters in security matters. Traditional leaders recognize the value of NHFSS in safeguarding communities from unknown gunmen, kidnappers, and armed robbers. Additionally, calls for support from various governmental levels and public-spirited entities emphasize the collective responsibility in ensuring NHFSS’s success.

Upholding Local Security and Vigilance

Ambassador John Metchie, in acknowledging the gallantry of hunters, emphasizes their invaluable contribution to local security and vigilance. Rather than hindering their efforts, Metchie advocates for providing the necessary tools and resources to support these dedicated individuals. By aligning NHFSS with other security agencies, a harmonious and effective approach to crime prevention can be achieved.

Strengthening Disciplinary and Professional Standards

The Commandant General’s visit to the zonal office also underscored the importance of maintaining discipline and professionalism within NHFSS’s ranks. Educating officers and personnel about the significance of adhering to high standards of operation ensures consistent and efficient performance. This commitment to excellence resonates throughout NHFSS’s operations, further solidifying their role in national security.


The Nigerian Hunters and Forest Security Service (NHFSS) stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, dedication, and innovation in the fight against criminal elements. Ambassador Osatimehi’s leadership, coupled with the endorsement of constituted authorities, highlights the essential role NHFSS plays in securing the nation’s forests. By recognizing the legitimacy of hunters and ensuring their support, NHFSS sets a precedent for holistic security efforts. As the legal framework gains momentum, NHFSS is poised to contribute even more significantly to national security, ensuring safer communities for all.


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