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The Double Release of Kidnap Suspects by Delta CJ

The Double Release of Kidnap Suspects by Delta CJ

Abubakar Abdullahi and Ufuoma Victor were released from Sapele Custodial Center on Friday as Delta State Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Tessy Diai, began the first quarter of the 2023 jail delivery operation.


Abubakar Abdullahi had been detained since 2020 for suspected involvement in a conspiracy, kidnapping, and armed robbery, while Ufuoma Victor had been held since 2022.

The top judge emphasized that there was no basis for Abubakar Abdullahi’s continuing detention by pointing out that the court had dismissed the identical case involving two other defendants who had been accused with him when he was still in Ogwashi-Uku custody center.


“With this change, there is no justification for the defendant to remain detained in this facility. He is hereby released, the CJ declared.

Soon after gaining his freedom, Abdullahi described his struggle and declared his innocence on the charges brought against him. He also expressed his elation at being free.

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He claims that I merely went to the store to buy a cell phone. After that, he says, I was assaulted and a battle ensued over the phone, and before I knew what was happening, I was being hauled to court and being arrested.

Earlier, Diai stated in her opening remarks that “the purpose of the jail delivery exercise is to ensure that everyone in custody is in legal custody and that no inmate awaiting trial has stayed beyond the number of years he would have served if he had been convicted.” Diai was joined by Justice G. B. Briki-Okolsi, Chairman of the Administration of Criminal Justice Committee, Justice A. E. Okorodas, and Justice A. A. Ighoverio.


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