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The Incident Prior to Mason Greenwood’s Arrest: Police Visits Man Utd 2022

The Incident Prior to Mason Greenwood’s Arrest: Police Visits Man Utd 2022

Before his arrest in 2022, Mason Greenwood reportedly had his behavior discussed by Manchester United and the local police forces.


The 21-year-old was arrested at the end of January of last year after being accused of attempted rape, assault resulting in actual bodily harm, and using coercive or controlling behavior toward the same victim.

He hasn’t played for the Red Devils since January 19, 2022, when he was suspended by United while an inquiry was conducted.

Due to the departure of key witnesses and the discovery of fresh information, the Crown Prosecution Service announced in February 2023 that it had ended its investigation into Greenwood. The CPS stated that there was “no longer a realistic prospect” of reopening the case.

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According to a person who worked with Greenwood at Old Trafford, the Premier League team “were protective of him in various ways. He was a benefit, but they also wanted to see him develop to the fullest. He made immature decisions, but many young athletes do that before they develop a bit.

Greenwood’s criminal charges were dismissed after United refused offers from Turkish clubs to sign him, but he is currently out of the lineup and his behavior continues to raise questions.

He allegedly has a history of unexplained absences from the Red Devils’ Carrington headquarters, and in September 2020, he was expelled from the England team after being discovered with Manchester City star Phil Foden – inviting girls into the Three Lions team hotel.

Although it was a major violation of the Covid-19 limitations, Greenwood had already broken them.

According to The Athletic, he would drive around south-west Manchester when the city was under lockdown and conduct parties at a rented Airbnb location in Salford despite the city’s ban on public meetings.


Police reportedly visited United’s training facility and asked the team to put the player on a tighter leash, but no official action was taken.

According to another source, “He fits into the group where at 10 years old he knew it was given. Most athletes don’t know they’re going to make it. Contrary to popular belief, there are significantly fewer of these. John Terry, Frank Lampard, and David Beckham had to work their socks off.

Mason possessed a Rooney- and Gazza-like quality. Football players are made 99 out of every 100 times, but he falls into the born category. Why he is able to do some of the things he does is inexplicable. He simply scores goals in seemingly impossible circumstances.

Although Greenwood is currently expecting a child, it is unclear whether he will ever again play on an English football field.

According to a source, he is holding to that hope and would “run through a brick wall” to resume playing for United.


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