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The N35,000 Wage Award: Balancing Prosperity and Inflation in Nigeria

The N35,000 Wage Award: Balancing Prosperity and Inflation in Nigeria


In a move pointed toward elevating the existences of depository paid central government laborers, Bola Tinubu, an unmistakable figure in Nigerian legislative issues, as of late supported a temporary pay increment of N35,000 for a six-month time span. In any case, this choice has ignited a searing discussion, with Primate Elijah Ayodele, the head of INRI Zealous Profound Church, communicating worries that this compensation grant might prompt more craving and expansion in the country. In this article, we will dive into the complexities of this pay increment, analyzing its possible effect on Nigeria’s economy.

Understanding the Pay Grant

The pay grant of N35,000, while apparently considerate, has brought up a few issues about its manageability and results. Primate Ayodele trusts that this augmentation, while possibly not painstakingly carried out, may fuel the current difficulties looked by the country. We should investigate the key contentions encompassing this hostile issue.

The Appetite Element

Primate Ayodele’s essential concern is that the N35,000 wage increment may coincidentally bring about more yearning among the general population. While the expectation behind this choice is to reduce monetary burden on government laborers, Ayodele contends that it may not accomplish the ideal result. The abrupt convergence of money into the economy, without legitimate preparation, could prompt rising costs of fundamental items. This, thusly, could deliver the pay increment inadequate in fighting yearning and neediness.

Inflationary Tensions

One more basic part of this discussion is the potential for expansion. Ayodele battles that the infusion of such a significant measure of cash into the economy could set off inflationary tensions. As interest for labor and products expands because of higher dispensable earnings, costs might flood, dissolving the buying force of the typical Nigerian. This present circumstance could deteriorate the monetary difficulties looked by numerous residents.

Defilement and Dispersion

Ayodele raises a legitimate worry about defilement in the dispersion of this pay grant. Given Nigeria’s set of experiences of debasement in policy management, there is a genuine trepidation that not all qualified specialists will accept their due share. Defilement can additionally subvert the viability of the compensation increment, leaving a few laborers without the expected advantages.

Viable Preparation and Time period

The primate recommends that the public authority ought to have gotten some margin to plan and carry out this pay increment successfully. Hurrying into such a huge strategy change without thorough arranging might prompt potentially negative side-effects. He underscores that cautious thought of the planned operations associated with disseminating the compensation increment is essential to its prosperity.

Significant expense of Living

One of the quick results that Ayodele predicts is a significant expense of living. As costs of labor and products ascend because of expanded request, Nigerians might find it progressively testing to earn enough to pay the bills. The pay grant, rather than working on expectations for everyday comforts, might actually prompt a circumstance where residents battle to adapt to increasing costs.

The Way ahead

Considering these worries, the public authority really should rethink the N35,000 wage grant and its execution procedure. While the aim to work on the existences of depository paid central government laborers is excellent, the potential unfortunate results should be painstakingly thought of. Primate Ayodele’s alerts feature the requirement for a decent methodology that considers the more extensive monetary scene.

The public authority ought to draw in with partners, including the Nigerian Work Congress (NLC), to guarantee that the compensation increment fills its planned need without causing accidental difficulties. This might include easing in the addition, checking cost developments, and carrying out enemy of defilement estimates in the dissemination cycle.


The N35,000 wage grant, while a benevolent move to upgrade the jobs of government laborers, conveys with it possible dangers of compounding yearning and expansion in Nigeria. Primate Elijah Ayodele’s interests ought not be excused daintily, as they mirror the authentic feelings of dread of numerous residents. Successful preparation, straightforwardness in conveyance, and a watchful eye on inflationary tensions are urgent to guaranteeing that this compensation increment carries flourishing as opposed to difficulty to Nigeria.

Eventually, the way ahead lies in tracking down a fragile harmony between elevating the existences of laborers and protecting the country’s monetary security. It is just through cautious thought and proactive measures that Nigeria can expect to accomplish this harmony.


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