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The Story Behind Bill Gates’ Belief in AI’s Potential (22-03-2023).

The Story Behind Bill Gates’ Belief in AI’s Potential (22-03-2023).
Bill GAtes

The development of artificial intelligence (AI), according to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, is the most significant technological achievement in decades.

He compared it to the development of the microprocessor, personal computer, Internet, and mobile phone in a blog post on Tuesday.

According to him, it will alter how people work, learn, travel, access healthcare, and interact with one another.

He was discussing the technology behind programs like ChatGPT, a chatbot.

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot created by OpenAI, is built to respond to internet queries in a manner that is natural and human-like.

Microsoft, where Mr. Gates still serves as an advisor, made a multibillion-dollar investment in the project’s team in January 2023.

Yet it is not the only AI-driven system chatbot available, with Google recently introducing rival Bard.

I was among the first to obtain access to Bard, and my colleagues and I are attempting to test it out.

So far, it has provided me with a philosophical explanation of the purpose of life.

Bill Gates

It provided a colleague covering the meeting of Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping with a competently condensed history of Russian-Chinese relations; unlike ChatGPT, Bard has access to current events.

It was requested by a program editor as a good running order for her news program. According to Bard, you should start with the most important story of the day and close with a performer. A generic but respectable work was also done on the poem about trees and blossoms.

I haven’t yet begun attempting to have it act rudely toward me, or about others. I’ll report back on that…

Mr. Gates claimed that since 2016, he has met with OpenAI, the group behind the artificial intelligence that drives chatbot ChatGPT.

Mr. Gates stated in his blog that he issued the OpenAI team a challenge to develop an AI that can pass an Advanced Placement (AP) Biology exam in 2022, which is roughly equivalent to an A-level exam. The challenge came with the strict requirement that the AI could not be specifically programmed to respond to questions in biology.

A few months later, the findings were made public. According to him, the score was nearly perfect, with only one mark out of fifty being missed.

Mr. Gates claimed that after the test, he instructed the AI to compose a letter to a father of a sick child.

He noted that the written response was probably more intelligent than what the majority of the audience would have offered.

I was aware that I had just witnessed the biggest development in technology since the graphical user interface (GUI).

A GUI is a visual display – that allows a person to interact with graphics and icons, rather than a display that shows only text and requires entered commands.

Its advancement resulted in the creation of the Windows and Mac OS operating systems in the 1980s, and it is still a vital component of computing.

And Mr. Gates claims he thinks AI technology will produce improvements like these.

The Evolution of AI
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation co-chair Mr. Gates urged governments to cooperate with businesses to “reduce the hazards” of AI but noted that the technology might be used to save lives.

The great majority of under-5 mortality occur in poor nations, thus AI-driven advances will be especially vital for them, the author stated.

Many people in those nations never get to visit a doctor, and AIs will make the medical professionals who do see them more effective.

He cited note-taking, filing papers, and performing repetitive duties like filing insurance claims as examples of this.

Yet Mr. Gates urged a focused approach to AI technology in the future to make this happen.

Market dynamics won’t necessarily result in AI goods and services that benefit the most vulnerable, he claimed. “The alternative is more probable.

“Governments and charities can make sure that AIs are utilized to lessen inequality if they have sustainable financing and the proper policies.

“We will need to focus the world’s best AIs on its biggest problems, just as the world needs its brightest people focused on its biggest problems.”



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