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Tragedy Unfolds: Keke Rider Executed for Killing Passenger Over #50

Tragedy Unfolds: Keke Rider Executed for Killing Passenger Over #50

A mob murdered a tricycle driver on Wednesday in the Bayelsa State city of Yenagoa’s Kpansia neighborhood.

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Following the suspected murder of a young man by the tricycle driver, popularly known as Keke, the mob reacted violently.

After a dispute over N50 change, the Keke rider is alleged to have fatally killed the unnamed young man. The victim passed away instantly.

Residents nearby attacked the Keke rider with stones after becoming enraged by what he had done.

As at the time this report was filed, it was impossible to determine the identities of the deceased men.

Keke Rider Kills Passenger

The occurrences have been confirmed by the Bayelsa State Police Command in the meantime.

The command also denounced the lynching of the youth and his murder by the Keke rider in a statement released by its spokesperson, Asinim Butswat.

The Bayelsa State Police Command has sent an anti-riot team to Kpansia and the surrounding area in response to the tragic tricycle rider murder of a local teenager, the man stated.

“The trike rider allegedly fatally stabbed the young person after a short argument.

“The Command appeals to members of the community to keep calm and condemns the acts of the tricycle rider who was also killed by enraged youngsters.”


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