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Tragic Death of Woman During Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Tragic Death of Woman During Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

During a gastric band procedure to help her lose weight, a young woman in Turkey lost her life.

Turkey death
Woman dies in turkey

Shannon Bowe, 28, a resident of Denny, a town close to Falkirk, Scotland, passed away on April 1st.

Shannon reportedly traveled to Turkey to have the weight-loss operation.

It is unknown where she had the operation, how complicated it was, or how she passed away.

According to the NHS, gastric band surgery entails the placement of a gastric band around the top of the stomach, forming a tiny pouch.

When the patient eats, the little pouch fills up faster than the patient’s stomach would ordinarily, causing them to feel satisfied with less food. 

Her boyfriend, Ross Stirling, wrote: “Sleep tight my angel, love you forever and always.”

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Her aunt Amanda Bowe posted: “My beautiful niece Shannon, there are no words, just heartbreak and grief.

“Life can be so cruel. She was a beautiful, funny, crazy girl who will always live in my heart. “You will be sorely missed.”

Friend, Clare-Louise Farrell described Shannon as “the brightest spirit in the pub”.

Her tribute reads: “Such a sad time to learn of the passing of such a beautiful young soul, Shannon Bowe.


“You always had the brightest spirit be it in the pub or when I saw you at work.

“Your smile was infectious and lit up even the darkest of days.”

Another friend posted: “Sad to see the news of Shannon Bowe’s thoughts with all friends and family.”

Patients are reportedly helped by the process to eat less and more slowly in order to reduce weight.

Her grieving family members have paid tribute on social media.


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