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Tragic End for 22-Yr-Old Kabirat, Boyfriend in Custody

Tragic End for 22-Yr-Old Kabirat, Boyfriend in Custody

Justice is currently being demanded by the family of Kabirat Sobola, 22, a former student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in Abeokuta who was allegedly stabbed to death in the capital of Ogun State.

Kabirat Sobola

The victim, a National Diploma holder, was allegedly murdered on Friday, February 4, 2023, in Abeokuta.

PUNCH As police started their investigations into the murder, Metro learned that the act had plunged the entire family into mourning.

A family member who went by the name Mrs. Sobola accused the police of not doing enough to investigate the incident.

She stated that the family did not believe the boyfriend of the deceased, who is now being held in custody due to the case, should be charged.

According to Sobola, Kabirat was discovered dead on her bed with a knife next to her and significant cuts on her neck and chest.

The police ignored these details by failing to mention them in their report; her phone was vanished.

Her boyfriend went to the police station on March 3 to file a complaint after she was reported missing for many days.

The boyfriend allegedly approached him at the counter and pretended to be seeking for his girlfriend. The DPO suspected him because it had not been 24 hours.


“He questioned him (boyfriend) when he last saw her, and he responded that he still spoke with her about 10am on Friday. But, the police stated it was just around 1pm, and he maintained it was just around 10am,”

“The DPO then imprisoned him. The parents were also phoned the next day because everyone had attempted to call her but was unsuccessful.

According to Sobola, they all proceeded to the girl’s house where they discovered her room was closed even though the police tracker indicated the girl’s phone was there.

She continued, “As they unlocked the door, they noticed a key on the floor. They went inside and discovered the girl’s dead lying on the bed with a knife next to her.

She had a serious gash on her neck, and her phone was missing from her left chest. The police made no effort to find it.

“Given what they discovered about the man, there is no evidence against him.

Nothing, not even the phone or knife, was discussed.

“The man is currently in Oba Prison, and another hearing is scheduled on April 27.

“We want the girl to receive justice; justice must be served.”

SP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state police public relations officer, confirmed the occurrence.

Oyeyemi, however, said that the command’s Murder Branch has taken charge of the situation. He explained, “What happened is that a boy went to the Ibara Police Station to report that he had been unable to locate his girlfriend at home for the previous two days. The DPO in Ibara asked him if he was the girl’s parent, to which he replied that he was not. The DPO then inquired as to how he knew they couldn’t find her. 

The DPO then advised holding him in custody until the girl’s parents arrived at the station because only the parent has the authority to file a missing child complaint.

“They arrested him and sent for the girl’s parents, who arrived and claimed they had no idea what had happened to the girl. They all left with the kid and went to the girl’s house, where they discovered that the girl had passed away inside her room. The youngster was arrested by the police, and the case was then transferred to the Murder Section after it was learned during the investigation that he was the one who killed the girl. It appears that they had previously fought, therefore it seems he went to the girl’s residence and killed her.


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