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Tragic Outcome: Lagos Tenant Stabbing

Tragic Outcome: Lagos Tenant Stabbing

At Glory Okon’s home in the Ajah region of Lagos State’s Greenville Estate, Badore, a woman named Annie Ofili is accused of fatally stabbing her.

Lagos Tenant

At the suspect’s house, the two of them got into a discussion that turned into an argument that turned into a fight.

During the altercation, Ofili allegedly went for a knife in the kitchen and stabbed her buddy in the neck.

When describing the circumstances surrounding the events that resulted in Okon’s death, a source claimed that nobody knew what started the fight and that attempts to open the door to remove them from one other after hearing them shouting had failed.

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But, according to the source, the landlord and other residents of the building pushed the door to open, and when they entered Ofili’s flat, they allegedly found that she had stabbed Okon in the neck and back.

We swiftly raced there when we overheard both of them shouting in one of the tenants’ rooms, the insider claimed. When we arrived, the door was locked. We pried it open and hurried inside.

As soon as we walked in, Ofili was standing on top of her friend with a knife, and her friend was lying in a pool of blood with knife wounds to her neck and back.

The source claimed that Okon was hurried to the general hospital at CMS, Lagos Island, in an effort to save her, but when she arrived there, a doctor on duty verified she had passed away.

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Ofili’s landlord reportedly reported the incident to the Ajah Police Station for inquiry.

When reached, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the state police’s public relations officer, confirmed the occurrence.

Certainly, I am aware of the situation, he replied. On Sunday, it occurred around 5:50 p.m. Ajah Division’s Divisional Police Officer received a distress call from the landlord residing at Greenville Estate, Badore, Ajah, Lagos State.

Certainly, I am aware of the situation, he replied. On Sunday, it occurred around 5:50 p.m. The landlord in Greenville Estate, Badore, Ajah, Lagos State, called the Divisional Police Officer, Ajah Division, in a panic.

“The owner claimed that Annie Ofili, one of his tenants, killed Glory Okon, her girlfriend, with a kitchen knife at around 1.20 p.m.

“After receiving the tip, a team of detectives was dispatched to the address, where they apprehended the woman and found the kitchen knife as an exhibit.”

According to Hundeyin, the suspect would be sent to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba, for a covert inquiry after the body was taken away and put at the Mainland General Hospital mortuary, Yaba, for autopsy and preservation.


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