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Tragic Story: Cameroonian Woman Driven to Suicide

Tragic Story: Cameroonian Woman Driven to Suicide

According to reports, a Cameroonian woman living in the US hanged herself after her boyfriend dumped her for another woman.

Bella Powers, a Cameroonian activist and humanitarian, revealed this in a Facebook post on March 29. She claimed the woman, who resided in Hyattsville, Maryland, took the severe measure after discovering that her ex-boyfriend was planning to wed his new partner on June 3, 2023.

The man’s transfer from Cameroon to America is alleged to have been paid for by the lady.

The tweet stated, “According to Fon Sama, this USA-based lady committed herself since her partner dumped her and soon after she found out he was going to wed someone else on June 3rd 2023.


The Lady, whose hometown was Ngie in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, resided in Hyattsville, Maryland, in the United States.

She reportedly spent all of her money to travel to the United States with her soul mate, a man from Bangwa in Cameroon’s southwest.

The young man chose to break up with her after spending some time in America since he was no longer interested in her.

She then learned that he had already begun making plans to wed a different woman on June 3 of this year. She was so devastated when she heard this that she hanged herself as a suicide. RIP, my dear. This is a complete account of what actually occurred, according to my colleague Kesamag.

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