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Unjustified Violence: IPOB on Yoruba Politicians

Unjustified Violence: IPOB on Yoruba Politicians
IPOB protest

Igbos in Lagos State were allegedly attacked by political thugs and criminals, according to the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

IPOB made the statement while pointing out that its primary goal in Lagos State is to uphold Igbos’ interests.

Emma Powerful, the IPOB spokesman, revealed this in a statement he released.

We are aware that Yoruba politicians are attacking Ndigbo in Lagos with the help of political thugs and criminals, but they will soon repent their actions, the message says in part.

Ndigbo in Lagos should be aware that IPOB is not interested in garnering attention; rather, the organization is simply concerned with defending ALL Biafrans, wherever they may be in the globe until Biafra is restored and beyond.

Igbos in Lagos State have recently been the target of multiple attacks by thugs.

Markets with a large Igbo population have been attacked and set on fire.

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Following Peter Obi’s victory in the presidential election in Lagos State for the Labour Party, LP, the attacks began.


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