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Unraveling WAEC’s EDUSTAT: Security for Over 50m Candidates

Unraveling WAEC’s EDUSTAT: Security for Over 50m Candidates

WAEC: According to the West African Examination Council (WAEC), Nigeria, its recently launched Educational Statistics platform contains a database of more than 50 million test takers.


Head of Nigeria Office Mr. Patrick Areghan highlighted that the platform would provide student-level data on academic achievement, attendance, and demographic information for schools in his remarks on Wednesday at the EDUSTAT’s debut.

Areghan continued by saying that the innovation was made to ease the burden of manual data access for stakeholders, enhance the caliber of service provision, and increase revenue for the Council.

Areghan emphasized that “The new product, EDUSTAT, by WAEC, is born out of the desire to provide stakeholders, such as researchers, funding agencies, government institutions, schools administrators, and parents with a reliable platform that provides educational insights collected from various sources and delivered in straightforward graphs, summaries, and dashboards that help them improve their decision.

“Access to a full Interactive Online Report is the primary advantage of the EDUSTAT by WAEC platform.


“In addition, the platform provides comprehensive and clever statistical insights into the dynamics of education and assessment, leveraging historical and recent data to deliver comprehensive intelligence for stakeholders throughout the world in a clever and user-friendly way. This platform’s capability to evaluate data in real time is one of its primary characteristics.

This enables instructors to make necessary adjustments to their teaching methods by providing them with rapid feedback on how their pupils are performing. The platform’s user-friendliness and adaptability enable instructors to customize it to meet their own needs and preferences.

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He continued by saying that organizations like universities and colleges could gain from the platform by accessing the information on student enrollment and academic performance. This data, he claimed, could be used to pinpoint areas in which more resources are required to support students and enhance overall performance.

“Similarly, the platform offers researchers a thorough and user-friendly tool to track and analyze educational facts,” he said.

It is intended to be usable by educators of all ranks, including classroom instructors, school administrators, and decision-makers. Our tool makes it simple to monitor student achievement, spot areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to raise standards for all students.


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