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What Rep Luke Wants: Allow Tinubu to Be Sworn In

What Rep Luke Wants: Allow Tinubu to Be Sworn In

Hon. Onofiok Luke, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Judiciary, has urged Nigerians who are dissatisfied with the results of the 2023 presidential election to wait for the courts’ final rulings instead of interfering with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s oath-taking on May 29.

Tinubu & Obi
Luke Onofiok plea that Obi and Atiku should permit Tinubu to be sworn in.

Luke, who addressed journalists in Abuja on Monday, urged Nigerians to unite behind Tinubu to start the nation’s healing process, highlighting how profoundly divided the nation was along ethnic, religious, and political lines.

As previously mentioned, Tinubu’s rivals, including Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), have submitted a variety of complaints to the election tribunal regarding the results of the election on  February 25 presidential polls won by Tinubu.

Luke urged the political figures to exercise caution in their public remarks, saying that he felt the judiciary would fairly consider the petitions.

I trust the judicial system, Luke declared. We don’t seem to share the same sentiment as Nigerians. Nigerians are anxious for a variety of reasons, and you could see this anxiety expressed during the most recent election. Nigerians are now focusing their attention on judicial officials as the election has been shifted to the tribunal. As a result, we need to act carefully. To provide a decision that is legal and for us to call a spade a spade, I feel that the judicial officers would do the same.

Hon Onofiok Luke 1 1
Luke Onofiok

“Whatever be it, there is a winner, and cases are being heard in court. Let’s let the rule of law and the Constitution play out. Let’s now focus our efforts on the courts and give the government a pass. I am a member of the group that is protesting the interim administration. It won’t indicate anything positive for us. Let the newly elected president take office, begin his term, and let the legal system administer justice. Whatever the result, we need to start the healing process. This nation has been split.

“Some political figures’ post-election remarks do not contribute to the nation’s overall rehabilitation. We must limit such remarks. These remarks are frequently extremely harsh and highly provoking, and they lack decency. 

I wonder what they would explain to their kids about the political discourse they spew on radio and television. It does not promote development. Let’s support the president together. Bola The winner of the election is Ahmed Tinubu. I firmly think that God’s will is good. He has appeared because it is God’s will. Let’s unite behind him and consider how we can help the nation progress and improve. Then, let’s enable Atiku, Kwankwaso, Obi, Sowore, and the rest to continue pursuing the election petitions at the court on behalf of those who are pursuing suits in court. However, let’s start working together to advance this nation.

Atiku, Obi, Tinubu
Luke Onofiok, plea
Luke Onofiok

“A crisis has struck. In addition to having domestic and economic problems, we also have a poor reputation abroad. These problems must be solved as quickly as feasible. The fields of education, security, and health all face difficulties. We face economic difficulties. Let’s try to resolve this problem, support the incoming president, and move on before allowing the cases to proceed to trial. I’m from Nigeria, but I’m not a part of the APC. I desire harmony. As a nation, I want us to advance.

Luke, who is the federal representative for Akwa Ibom State’s Etinan/Nsit Ibom/Nsit Ubium Federal Constituency, also supported Senator Godswill Akpabio and Hon. Tajudeen Abbas for Senate President Speaker of the House respectively in the incoming 10th National Assembly.

“I don’t like talking about religion in public because it is a very delicate subject in our nation, but as a Christian who respects and upholds the beliefs of others as well as my own, I believe it is fair and just… God did not err when He brought all of us to this nation. God united our many ethnic and religious groups so that we might work together and coexist as one. So, if we had a Muslim ticket, the Senate President’s job should currently go to a Christian. Let’s have a Christian take the third-place spot in this nation.

According to Luke he said “For me, in addition to that, I have a bias because I require that it originated in the South. When I hear someone discuss bias, I respond, “Let’s look at competence.” To lead the legislature more effectively, you must strike a balance between the interests of the executive and the legislature. You must be aware of the executive’s thoughts and desires.

You must be aware of what the legislature desires. what the federal government and the states want. With God’s favor, we have a man who has served as a performing governor, a two-term governor, and a past governor of a state. He is known as the unusual transformer. We have a man who used to be a federal executive Council member. So, he is familiar with the executive’s operations. There is an individual here who served as a commissioner in the State before. 

Luke said He is aware of the connection between the chief executive and the other executive members. We have a man who has never served as the minority leader of the Senate. An intelligent man. one who is cheerful. What then would we be requesting? So, let’s give South South this chance to produce Senator Dr. Godswill Obot Akpabio, the president of the Senate.

“Those vying for the Speakership in the House of Representatives have solid credentials. They have impressive credentials to offer. But give it to Hon. Tajudeen Abbas for the complexity and energy of the 10th House of Representatives. Look into his academic history first. He holds a doctorate. He is intelligent and educated.  

Luke continued by saying, Second, a lawmaker performs three main actions and duties. The first is legislating; the second is controlling. Reprographics comes in third. Take the process of passing laws. Tajudeen Abbas now has the most legislation in the House. My estimate is 70. Out of those, the president has given his approval to 21 of those laws. He therefore thinks, lives, and breathes legislative matters. You need to be a better legislator yourself and understand what it takes to produce quality legislation if you want to improve as a manager of the legislature.

“His constituents in terms of representation respect him and view him as modest and down to earth.

Then, in terms of oversight duties, he is a member of the judiciary committee. The majority of his contributions have contributed to the strength we have had and the motions and legislation we have. In other words, he is capable. Also, he ought to be producible in the northwest. I don’t belong to that group. The party is capable, but in my opinion, Tajudeen Abbas is the leader with the most impressive qualifications.


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