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World Population: India Surges Ahead of China as World’s Most Populous

World Population: India Surges Ahead of China as World’s Most Populous

India has surpassed China as the world’s most populous country, according to figures released by the United Nations on Wednesday.

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According to predictions from the UN’s World Population dashboard for mid-2023, India has 1.4286 billion people compared to China’s 1.4257 billion.

Data indicates that the Special Administrative Areas of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are not included in China’s statistics.

Since the UN began compiling population figures in 1950, India has never placed first on the list of most populous nations.

World Most Populated
World Most Populated Country

As its workforce ages and fertility rates decrease, China is in danger of experiencing a demographic decline.

Although official attempts have so far failed to reverse the decrease, certain regions have also announced measures to increase birth rates.

According to NDTV, India has not conducted a census since 2011, hence there are no current official statistics on the country’s population.

According to UN statistics, about one-fourth of India’s population is under the age of 14, while 68 percent of people are between the ages of 15 and 64 and 7 percent are over 65.


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