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You can’t say acting gave you money to buy expensive house, Angela Okorie slams female colleagues


Popular Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie has taken to social media to slam her female colleagues for lying and misleading people about their source of money.

The actress in an interview took a swipe at junior actresses who have been flaunting their mansions at expensive estates and locations claiming to have bought their houses with money from their acting careers.

According to Angela Okorie, most of these show-offs by these junior actresses are lies because no money from the movie industry can give anyone money to buy mansions at expensive locations.

Angela further slammed these junior actresses claiming that movie money made them rich to desist from creating such an impression. According to her, it makes the senior actresses look irresponsible.

The actress also noted that male movie stars are also working hard, adding that young ladies who haven’t even spent one year in the industry should stop lying that acting gave them money.


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