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Zamfara records 1,188 cholera cases, 40 deaths since December 2022 – Commissioner

Zamfara records 1,188 cholera cases, 40 deaths since December 2022 – Commissioner

Zamfara’s Ongoing Battle Against Cholera and Diphtheria

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Zamfara, a state in Nigeria, has been grappling with a severe public health crisis since December 2022. The state has reported a staggering 1,188 cases of cholera and 50 cases of diphtheria across all 14 of its local government areas. Dr. Aishatu Anka, the Commissioner of Health, disclosed these concerning figures during a visit to the Shagari Cholera Treatment Centre in Gusau.

Cholera’s Prevalence

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Cholera, in particular, has emerged as a significant threat in several local government areas, including Gusau, Anka, Bakura, and Bukkuyum. The outbreak of cholera has caused immense distress in these regions. Out of the 1,188 cholera cases reported, a heart-wrenching 40 individuals have tragically lost their lives to this highly infectious and potentially deadly disease.

Emerging Diphtheria Cases

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In addition to the cholera outbreak, Zamfara State has also been burdened with 50 cases of diphtheria, with two recorded fatalities. Diphtheria is a bacterial infection that can lead to severe respiratory issues and even death. The gravity of the situation necessitates immediate attention and effective measures to contain the spread of both cholera and diphtheria.

Investigating the Spread

The Commissioner of Health, Dr. Aishatu Anka, has reassured the public that investigations are ongoing to determine the extent of the spread of these diseases. It is crucial to identify the factors contributing to the outbreak and transmission of these diseases. Understanding the epidemiology and patterns of infection is pivotal in curbing their prevalence.

Collaborative Efforts

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In this challenging time, Zamfara State’s government has not been alone in battling this health crisis. The National Centre for Disease Control has taken a significant step by establishing a state center at Yariman Bakura Specialist Hospital in Gusau. This collaborative effort aims to bolster the state’s response to the crisis. Such initiatives are commendable, as they play a pivotal role in managing and controlling outbreaks of this magnitude.

Community Responsibility

Community involvement is a cornerstone of managing health crises like these. Commissioner Anka has urged communities to prioritize sanitation and personal hygiene. Ensuring a clean environment and promoting effective personal hygiene practices are essential in preventing the further spread of cholera and diphtheria. This message underscores the shared responsibility in overcoming this public health challenge.

Clean Water, a Lifesaver

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One of the most significant factors in preventing waterborne diseases like cholera is access to clean water. The public has been strongly advised to consume only clean water, as it serves as a vital means to curtail the further spread of these diseases. Clean water is a basic necessity, and ensuring its availability is a collective effort to protect the health and well-being of the community.


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The health crisis in Zamfara State is a sobering reminder of the challenges that many regions face when dealing with infectious diseases. The toll it has taken on the community is a cause for concern, and it is the responsibility of all stakeholders, from the government to the citizens, to work together to overcome this crisis.

Efforts are being made, investigations are ongoing, and initiatives have been launched to tackle the outbreak. While the situation remains critical, there is hope that with collaborative efforts and strict adherence to hygiene practices, Zamfara can overcome the dual threats of cholera and diphtheria.

This article sheds light on the gravity of the situation and the steps taken to address it. It is our collective duty to support these efforts and ensure the health and safety of the people of Zamfara.


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