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Zuckerberg will fire additional employees.

Zuckerberg will fire additional employees.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta Platforms Inc., has announced that additional job cuts will take place on Wednesday as the social media behemoth restructures teams and seeks to increase efficiency.

facebook parent meta fires 11k employees mark zuckerberg says company needs to be more capital efficient

According to The Irish Times, the Facebook parent firm advised managers to get ready to announce job layoffs on Wednesday.

He said that the layoffs will affect Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Reality Labs, which contains the company’s virtual reality initiatives and Quest hardware.

He added that since Meta has reduced its personnel by 13%, or around 11,000 positions, in November, there would be another round of layoffs in May.

Additionally, it prolonged a hiring ban through the first quarter, which was broken up by cost- and job-cutting measures taken by other Silicon Valley companies.

The company would attempt to become smaller and rebalance its ratio of technologists and engineers to business and administrative workers, according to Zuckerberg’s comments, according to The Irish Times.


Teams will be reorganized, and other surviving employees will be reassigned to work with new supervisors, according to the document distributed to managers.

On Wednesday (today), Meta will request that all North American employees who are eligible to work from home do so.

According to the document, Meta will request that all North American workers who are able to work from home on Wednesday (today) so that they have time to comprehend the news.

A representative for the corporation declined to comment, citing Mark Zuckerberg’s “Year of Efficiency” article from March, which stated, “We anticipate to announce restructuring and layoffs in our tech groups in late April, and then our business groups in late May.”


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